Former laureates

GAF.purple sweaterThe 2013 Scheele award to Professor Garret A FitzGerald
 “for his translational approach to elucidating the mechanisms of drug action and his substantial contribution to the development of low dose aspirin as a strategy for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Professor FitzGerald was the first to predict and explain the cardiovascular hazard from non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs,) including those selective for COX-2, establishing a new paradigm for our approach to drug safety. Aside from these contributions, Professor FitzGerald has also made discoveries fundamental to our understanding of how central and peripheral clocks interact and how dysfunction of peripheral clocks can influence predisposition to cardiometabolic disease”

The Scheele Award laureate 2011
, Kathleen M Giacomini in her lab at the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, University of California, San Francisco. To read more on Professor Giacomini’s research please follow the link Research in Dr. Kathleen Giacomini’s lab focuses on the roles of membrane transporters in drug absorption, disposition, targeting, and in clinical drug response. In particular, research is focused on pharmacogenetics of membrane transporters. A key aspect of the group’s pharmacogenetic studies is to discover naturally occurring variants in transporter genes in ethnically diverse human populations that associate with variation in drug response. Read more about Professor Giacomini and her research on:


Scheele Award laureates 1961- 2013:

Year Laureate Affiliation Country
2013 Prof Garret A   FitzGerald University of   Pennsylvania, Philadelphia USA
2011 Prof Kathleen Giacomini University of California, San Fransisco USA
2009 Prof Dennis J Slamon University of California, Los Angeles USA
2007 Prof Mathias Uhlén KTH Royal Institute of Technology SE
2005 Prof Jan van der Greef Leiden University NL
2003 Prof Jonathan A Ellman University of California, Berkley USA
2001 Prof Andrew H. Wyllie University of Cambridge UK
2000 Prof Douwe D. Breimer Leiden University NL
1999 Prof John W. Daly National Institute of Health USA
1998 Prof Albert I. Wertheimer Merck & Co. Inc. USA
1997 Prof Julian E. Davies University of British Columbia Canada
1996 Prof Gordon L. Amidon College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan USA
1995 Prof Patrik J. Hendra Dept of Chemistry, University of Southampton UK
1994 Prof Greg Winter Medical Research Council, University of Cambridge UK
1993 Prof Alexander T. Florence School of Pharmacy, University of London UK
1992 Prof Koji Nakanishi Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research Japan
1991 Prof K. Barry Sharpless MIT USA
1990 Prof Gerhard Levy State University of New York at Buffalo USA
1989 Prof Dennis V. Parke University of Surrey UK
1988 Dr David V. Goeddel Genentech Inc. USA
1987 Prof Roland W. Frei Free University of Amsterdam NL
1986 Prof Luc Montagnier Institute of Pasteur France
1985 Prof Stanley S. Davis University of Nottingham UK
1984 Prof Malcolm Rowland University of Manchester UK
1983 Sir James W. Black Wellcome Research Labs UK
1982 Prof Charles Weissmann University of Zürich Switzerland
1981 Prof George K. Aghajanian Yale University USA
1980 Prof Harri R. Nevanlinna Blood Service of the Finnish Red Cross Finland
1979 Prof Peter Speiser ETH, Zürich Switzerland
1978 Prof Sidney Riegelman University of California USA
1977 Prof Hans W. Kosterlitz University of Aberdeen UK
1976 Prof Evan C. Horning Texas Medical Center USA
1975 Prof Edward P. Abraham Oxford University UK
1974 Prof E.J. Ariens University of Nijmegen NL
1973 Prof Harold N. MacFarland Bio Research Lab. Ltd Canada
1972 Prof Carl Djerassi Stanford University USA
1971 Dr Albert Hofmann Basle Switzerland
1970 Dr Norman J. Harper Winthrop Labs UK
1969 Prof Takeru Higuchi University of Kansas USA
1968 Prof Arnold H. Beckett Chelsea College of Science and Technology UK
1967 Prof Bernard B. Brodie National Institute of Health USA
1966 no award    
1965 Dr Paul Janssen Research Labs Belgium
1964 Dr Lewis H. Sarett Merck, Sharp & Dohme USA
1963 Prof Robert Schwyzer CIBA Switzerland
1962 Dr Frank P. Doyle Beecham Research Labs UK
1961 Dr Frank L. Rose ICI UK